Our mission is centered around delivering sustainable solutions and products to various industries.

    We understand the pivotal role cleanliness plays in creating safe and inviting spaces, which is why we're dedicated to integrating cutting-edge technology into our offerings.

    One exciting advancement is the seamless integration of TORK hardware with facility Building Management Systems (BMS). This integration brings forth a new era of efficiency, budgeting, and management, allowing real-time monitoring, adjustments, and in-use insights.

    Through these innovations, we empower businesses to optimize their hygiene strategies while contributing to a more environmentally conscious future.


    • Product accreditation (UN SDG, LEED, 
    • In-use benefit (BMS monitoring of consumable ‘lifespan’, ‘more om less’) 
    • Wellness + well-being 
    • Resource efficiency 
    • LEED/ GBCSA benefits